About The Wallflower Maiden

I’m Audrianna: A twenty-year-old Creative Writing university student, writer, book addict, film enthusiast, and lover of the arts, with an appreciation for some dramatic flair. My admiration for the cinema and film also runs deep. Watching the BBC shan’t be missed amongst the joys of television. You may find me at my happiest in pursuing any aspect of the arts, sipping coffee paired with a good book, or trying new things with a little cheery spontaneity. And oh, practicing the art and discipline of chess. I also enjoy good films and the Nintendo Switch.

Among my dear authors, these are my favorites: Kazuo Ishiguro, Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, J.R.R. Tolkien, William Shakespeare, Jojo Moyes, and Donna Tartt. I am in admiration of these masters of storytelling and writing, and the ways they’ve contributed to my love of literature and the arts.

I have had a steady hunger for literature all my life, and I don’t think I shall ever stop feeding it. My palette has since expanded from historical fiction and mythologies to span across multiple genres and tastes. I have always dreamt of becoming a writer since I was but a small child, so here I am.

The Blog’s Origin Story

We have arrived at our most notable point of this entire page: What exactly is The Scripted Wallflower? Why create this blog at all?

As a socially awkward maiden, I most fittingly may be considered amongst the Wallflowers. But do not worry, it has its perks. *winks* I shall wear the name as proudly as a flower crown adorned upon my head, comfortable in this identity. Because I am me, and that is enough. (Dear Evan Hansen reference, anyone?).

I decided that I wished to partake in a new writing adventure: creating this blog. You will discover that this blog of mine will feature posts centered on literature, film and cinema, art, and theatre.

Moreover, writing has wound itself, nestled its home into the spidery roots and deepest depths of my heart. I know of no other passion, no other profession, that shall ever satisfy this necessity that is the absolute craving for story and storytelling than writing. I shall write with all my heart until that last raggedy breath escapes my lips. That is why I choose to write, and why I shall always write. That is what planted the seeds here for what I hope shall soon blossom, The Scripted Wallflower.

I hope that you would tag along as a companion, dear reader, in this Fellowship of writing about the arts, aesthetics, and personal experiences from the mere perspective of a Wallflower.

A Glimpse of the Blog

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